Nicholas William Hand “Nick” was brought into this world to make our life complete, and he did just that. Never one to sit idle he was always on the go from childhood. Being from a Military family Nicholas had to move often and he always adjusted well in his new area. He could make friends with anyone in anyplace.

Nicholas graduated from High School and like a lot of young men and women at that time of their life they are not sure what they want to do. Nicholas attended a VoTech school in Pennsylvania for auto body. After being there a few months he called and told us to come get him. Apparently in Nicholas’s mind he could learn more by just working somewhere and gaining experience that way. When he got into town he was employed the following day. Nicholas held a few auto body jobs and then started working in the construction field but his passion for cars never ended. At any given time an engine could be laying in our garage waiting to be worked on, or a transmission could be in the garage to be swapped out.

Nicholas had plans to one day open his own garage and be able to work on only the kinds of cars he enjoyed. Nicholas had a gift of being able to envision what something would look like and either craft it to look like that or draw it to a “T”.

Known throughout the community as Nick, he always had a smile and was always willing to go out of his way for others no matter if they needed help on their car or they needed a place to live. Once we noticed a young man in our house and after a few days we asked Nicholas why he was in our house each and every day. Nicholas replied “he has no family to go to”. That was Nicholas’s way of thinking. If someone needed help he would help them.

Nicholas will forever be in our hearts as well as many others. We will continue to help others in the community, which is what Nick would have wanted.