Nicholas enjoyed drawing and writing. Here are some notes that he had written:

When you look at the words they spell out the word “Life” when Nick would turn his arm over they spelled out the word

“Never Lose Faith”
“Only God can judge me”
“Change for the good”
“Leave it in his hands and he will show you the way”

There are two people that will always be there for me
All the wrongs, faults, destruction… everything
They will always be there & now I know that
This is never ending love
Mom & Dad God Bless

I will live to die
But will always know
Your always there

Tough times, hard times
All the time your love, for me will never end
My trouble never stopped
All the money you had to spend
That one day will come, when you will see
I never forget

Tough times, hard times, all the time you love will never end the times, the money, the effort, never stopped coming so now it’s time for me to show you the never ending doubts you had were right & changed me to be the loving & caring man I am For time I will never have to see the other side, the side of fear, hate, sadness,
& not knowing.

I have seen the other side & you pulled me away to be the man I am today
And for that anything and everything can be done & if it wasn’t for you I would be nothing

I have gave pain & suffrage to the people I love,
But I also paid the consequences…But, not the same way they did & felt.
I want to give back all the faults I caused and hope for forgiveness.
So hopefully what I can do, I will receive some of the grief that I can get rid of.

The Cross Says:

Home Is In The Faith
Show Me The Light And I’ll Never Be Blinded Again
The Only Way is Gods Way